About Us

We are a design and building construction company.

What we do?

Contemporary Architecture is a Design and Building Construction Company
founded in 2008 to meet with the rising global needs for Sustainable Architecture. Our Brand name is at the core of our innovative ideas as we strive to make available to our discerning clients, tomorrow’s Architecture today. This we are achieving through our partnerships with highly technical local and international Companies who share in our desire to transform our landscape even beyond the shores of Africa.

Our Vision

To be a global player in the provision of sustainable architecture

Our Mission

By utilizing our vast skills and experience in design, construction and allied services, we provide a seamless collaboration with our clients for maximum results by incorporating our cost-effective and innovative solutions alongside employing CAD, BIM and more technologically improved methods to develop workable solutions for all parties.

Our Skills

Architectural Designs
Building & Construction
Products (Doors & Tiles)